Coast of arms project

The atrium of Bradamante Palace houses a collection of coats of arms commemorating the history of the region. On the anniversary of moving to Bradamante Palace, the Italian Community initiated the project of renovating the coats of arms of esteemed Vodnjan families and rectors by placing two coats of arms: the coat of arms of Vodnjan and that of the Bettica family.

​​​​​​​This was the beginning of the project that comprised a collection of about 30 coats of arms. After the first two, other ones were displayed as well: more coats of arms of the Bettica family, followed by coats of arms of families Bon, Baffo, Avogadro, Moresin and others of unknown origin.

These coats of arms adorn the facades of houses in Vodnjan. Many of them can still be seen, others have not managed to stand the test of time, while some have been affected by the unconscious who saw them as a source of income. These coats of arms represented, and still do, the history of Vodnjan; they speak of its economic, social, architectural and even political wealth.

They also reveal a strong aesthetic feeling. Anyone coming to Vodnajn wishing to walk along its streets and enjoy the medieval architecture, who would like to visit the Collection of Sacral Art, visit the exhibited objects in Bettica Palace, will also have to visit Bradamante Palace and see how much the coats of arms speak of Vodnjan. The Communal Palace, Bradamante Palace, Bettica Palace and the Church situated somewhat further, create a magnificent architectural and cultural triangle that should be treasured.