Requirements for a pet to enter Croatia

Travelling with pets and responsibility

When bringing your pet into the Republic of Croatia, it is your responsibility to meet all of the conditions necessary for its import. Please check that your pet has been vaccinated and that these vaccinations have not expired, whether an antibody titer test has been performed and whether your pet has a valid passport or veterinary certificate.

Maximum number of animals

The import of a maximum of five animals is considered as non-commercial. The animals must be identified and have their documents checked by a customs official at a Croatian border crossing.


General import conditions for dogs, cats and tame martens (also known as domestic ferrets, white ferrets, African ferrets, weasels, skunks, tame ferrets, domestic weasels or tamed weasels – mustela putorius) fromEU member states and low-risk countries outside the EU:

  • The animal must be fitted with an electronic identification system (microchip). If the animal is fitted with a microchip that is not in line with ISO Standard 11784 or 11785, the owner must provide an appropriate microchip scanner.
  • The animal must have a passport or certificate issued by a veterinary surgeon authorised by the relevant body.
  • The animal must be vaccinated against rabies
  • Animals from EU countries or countries outside the EU that are considered low-risk, are under three months of age and have not been vaccinated, may be imported into the territory of the Republic of Croatia if the owner or accompanier holds a valid passport or certificate and if the animals have lived in the same place since birth and have not come into contact with wild animals which may have been exposed to infections, or are travelling with their mother on whom they are still dependent.

For additional information, please contact the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development – Administration for Veterinary Medicine.

Phone: +385 1 6443 540