Roman villa and the church of St. Cecilia (Guran)

The church of St. Cecilia is located about 600 m northwest from the old settlement of Guran. There is a bigger rectangular building about 20 m to the north of the church, the walls of which are covered with pink lime, and a bit further on, other stone structures can be found.

​​​​​​​The church is a single-nave rectangular building with a two-apsidal sanctuary. The apses are semicircular in shape. The base of the altar is preserved as it was in the south apse. This church has also lived through a few of the building phases, the first one of which can be dated to Carolingian period. The church was functional to, at least, the end of the middle ages.

The foundation, made from bigger stone blocks, is preserved in the length of 4 m, starting in the southeastern corner of the church and extending in a westerly direction. There are two constructions older than the church by its western side, of which the walls are still partially visible. Prior to the construction of the church, there was a villa rustica on the same location; the church was actually built on top of the villa that was probably built during the 1st century.