Saint Spyridon

Greek Orthodox Montenegrins that settled in Peroj in 1657 were not immediately granted permission to build their own church. Instead, for their religious services they were allocated the Greek Orthodox church of St. Nicholas in Pula.

As late as 1788, after 130 years, the inhabitants of Peroj were finally granted permission by the Venetian Republic to build their church. The Church of St. Spyridon assumed its present-day appearance in 1834. The church keeps exotic icons and an iconostasis from the 16th century with representations of Greek saints.

​​​​​​​Many legends are told about the patron St. Spyridon, wonder-worker and episcope of Trimythous. One of them speaks of his calming the tempest in order to bring ships safely to the port and is thus worshipped as protector of seamen. Beside the church stands a domed bell tower built in 1860 behind which lies an interesting Orthodox cemetery. 

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