Passage through time

“Passage through time” is a concept of light installations through city passages aimed at their revitalisation. At twilight, a new city awakens, a city whose squares, streets, passages and sights are given a new dimension.

The idea for the “Passage through time” is rooted in three human activities that have been defining the city throughout history, namely:
- Olive growing and olive oil production
- Grape growing and winemaking
- Weaving – textile production 

“Light route” comprises seven stations, squares and passages, and your sightseeing can start from the first or fifth position:
1. Square with St Jacob’s Church  
2. Passage 1 – “at the crossroads”
3. Square 1 – “moonlight”
4. Passage 2 – the narrowest street
5. Passage 3 – olive
6. Square 2 – New life
7. Passage 4 – Castle

​​​​​​​Take a stroll and explore the historical core, get to know a different Vodnjan through the interplay of light and darkness.