111 (ex 351) Medieval roads

The trail starts before the turn to Stancija Guran. The trail is circular and leads through a macadam route alongside the dry stone wall, vineyards, olive groves and gardens. It passes over Stancija Guran to the remains of the church of Sv. Simon. From the church we continue straight ahead, following the signs to the pond of Cijana. From the pond we turn round again towards Sv. Šimun, but this time we go right of the church and continue with a pleasant walk in the nature all along the county road Vodnjan - Marčana with a short walk to the ''turn right'' sign to the medieval Guran village.

We pass the asphalt and return to the peaceful field roads. We pass through the site of the medieval village, we turn righ , and shortly after a short climb, we reach the three-aisled basilica also from the middle ages. We continue on the trail, we stay left all the way next to the power line. We turn left and follow the power line until we reach the macadam path. Here we turn right and follow the road to the left turn next to the high concrete wall.

​​​​​​​We continue to the remains of ''Sv. Cecilija'' that is on our right. After the church, we continue on a macadam road than later on asphalt, mostly surrounded by olive groves and dry stone walls, and we return to the road Vodnjan - Guran. Here we turn left and on our right we can see the beginning of the track.

Technical description:
- lenght: 6,6 km
- altitude: 83 m
- route type: loop
- difficulty: easy
- duration: 1:00 – 1:30 h

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