Church of Madonna of Traverse

It is situated east of the historic core. According to legend, in the 12th century this was the site of a smaller church of Our Lady of the Fountain by which St. Anthony of Padua stopped in 1229 and founded a small monastery. The cistern that once stood here was large enough to provide water for the friars and the surrounding area. The present day church dates from 1615 when it was reconstructed and enlarged, as testified by the stone inscription on its facade.

​​​​​​​It has always been a pilgrim church kept by the Conventual Franciscans. It is believed that the Holy House was brought here in 1294 on its way from Trsat to Loreto. The church is an aisleless edifice with an elongated apse and elevated presbytery. The sacristy was added onto the western facade.

​​​​​​​One of the peculiarities about the church are its eight wooden carved altars from the 17th century. The altars are presently dismantled waiting for restoration before resuming their original splendor. The inhabitants of Vodnjan made a vow to the Virgin Mary to go on a pilgrimage every year on Easter Monday if relieved from contagious diseases and epidemics.