Parish church of St. Blaise in Vodnjan

In 1800, after 40 years of construction, 13 thousand golden ducats spent, as well as ten years of charity donations of its inhabitants, the church was consecrated on the feast day of St. Blaise. It was worth the effort because at the site of the one-time church, a magnificent and well-proportioned basilica was built. By the size of its ground plan (56.20 x 31.60 m), and the 25 meter high cupola, the parish church of St. Blaise is the largest parish church in Istria. Furthermore, it is the church with the tallest bell tower (62 m) resembling that of St. Mark's in Venice.  

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Five saints on the neo-Baroque facade welcome church visitors: St. Blaise as ”host”, St. Peter and St. Lawrence to his right, and St. Paul and St. Quirinus to his left. The statues, all in life-size except the larger one of St. Blaise, were made by brothers Andrea and Giovanni Trevisan, sons of Venerio, the self-taught and very prized painter from Vodnjan. 

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The Baroque interior is divided by arches on columns, and its nine altars from the 19th and 20th centuries are richly adorned with incrustations, marble, and valuable oil paintings representing saints. The church inventory is extremely valuable, part of which is on display in the museum that belongs to the sacral complex, and is known for the collection of relics and Holy Bodies. The Church of St. Blaise holds 23 prized canvases and statues. The most important among them are the ˝Last Supper˝ by Giovanni Contarini (1598) measuring nearly 10 m2, ˝Our Lady with Saints˝ by Gaetano Gresler from Verona, ˝The Delivery of the Keys˝ (1843) by Venerio Trevisan, ˝St. Cecilia˝ (1845) by Andrea Dalla Zonca. The main altar holds statues of St. Francis and St. Dominic, works of an unknown sculptor. Another brilliant example of Gothic art is the custodia for Holy Oils from 1451 carved in stone by Domenico Biasol from Vodnjan. The intense and powerful “Stations of the Cross“ bears the signature of Venerio Trevisan (1842).

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