Peroj in general

On the southwestern coast of southern Istria, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, lies PEROJ. This prehistoric settlement was as early as Roman times a well known summer resort PRAETORIOLUM or CASALE PETRIOLO, as evident from the conclusions of the Assembly of Rižana in 804. After the plague that struck this area in 1561, Venetian district governors provveditori made persistent efforts in resettling this area between 1578 and 1657. This is when 13 Greek-Orthodox families from Montenegro settled here, from whom the present-day inhabitants originate. The historic center of the town consists of a few simple stone houses.  


The coast of Peroj made of lime rocks descending to the sea and interrupted by pebbly beaches, stretches as far as Portić and Marić coves, the latter of which has for centuries been the port of Vodnjan through which trade with Venice and other Adriatic ports was carried out.

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Today, PEROJ has 830 inhabitants, mostly farmers and fishermen. Experiencing a strong and continuous urbanization, focused on tourism, it offers accommodation in private houses and villas in the whole Barbariga area where a large tourist settlement with 1400 apartments has been built.

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